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Reach New Goals, Achieve Greater Heights, Accelerate Productivity

Focusing on the Human Performance Unlocks the Potential Within

Advisor, Confidant, Keynote Speaker and Fitness Authority, Ron Kardashian has made it his mission to empower executives and elite level performers to shape and build their legacy through coaching and guidance.

“Generational greatness doesn't manifest itself simply because you are an elite thinker. You can be elite, but to be a champion your greatness has to be coached. Alexander the Great had a Confidant, Oprah Winfrey had a Mentor, Michael Jordan had a Coach...Greatness emerges when we put our egos aside and accept that every champion who has ever lived needed several coaches to get to the top of the mountain.” ~ Coach Ron Kardashian

Download a Chapter of Coach Ron’s Critically Acclaimed Book “The 30 Second Solution” for Free and Discover How One Idea Can Change Your Life and Lifestyle Forever!

Over 14,000 Hours of Executive Life, Health and Business Coaching Spanning 4 Continents

Known as the “Solutionist” for his big business approach to improving human performance and his published book “The 30-Second Solution”, Ron Kardashian was honoured in July of 2013, for his continuous efforts to benefiting mankind as a globally recognized humanitarian by being awarded the “Ambassador of Peace” to the Golden Rule Award.

Today Ron continues empowering elite executives, diplomatic leaders, and professional athletes with the tools paramount for increased business and personal breakthroughs. He continues to travel around the world as a keynote speaker and executive coach, passionately infusing people with the secrets, concepts and insights to doing big business and living an extraordinary life. According to Ron, there is no challenge economically, physically, emotionally, or spiritually that is too big that a simple, straight forward solution can’t solve. Helping others locate the root of a problem, determine the correct solution, and define a clearly executable plan for individual success is Ron’s #1 job.

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