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Congratulations ELITE LEVEL Leader!!

If you are at this page you are most likely a very high achiever and a person who really wants to accelerate your life. You have just qualified yourself!! This is a special program designed for Visionaries, Business Leaders, CEO's of Start-up Companies, Church Pastors, Organizations, Students and any one who wants to live a more productive and successful- happy life.

THIS JULY 20th CLASS IS NOW FULL AND CLOSED. NEXT OFFER WILL BE AUG 2015. Register today to hold your spot.


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DONT WAIT TO REGISTER. This offer will expire. If you Pay the ONE TIME ONLY PRICING for the SUMMER COACHING PROGRAM AND IT IS ALREADY FILLED- YOU WILL GET A 100% MONEY BACK REFUND. After you pay, you must allow 24 hours for your funds to clear. At that point, you will be sent A VIP application to fotify your qualificaitons, wherby you MUST it Fill out and e.mail back to us. The reason we do this is due to the high demand we get for his program. We want only those who are serious about getting coached and building NEW WEALTH in their lives.

The Benefits of this course are GROUNDBREAKING:

1. Coaching is for one purpose- TO BRING OTHERS TO A HIGHER LEVEL- without holding you back.

2. Break the hold-up through specific business principles of proven success.

3. What other Multi-Millionaires are doing you need to know.

4. Are taxes benefiting you?

5.The things to look for that will give you residual income while you sleep.

6. Establishing & clarifying your vision.The ONLY way to bring PROVISION.

7. Investments the Ultra Wealthy are making NOW.

8. LIVE Q & A with Coach Ron.

9. LIVE Q & A with other Multi-Millionaire Investors and Money managers who have been making money year after year and understand a Kingdom Policy we must know to understand what happing in US markets in the next 6 MONTHS!!

10. The must have info and mindset you MUST have for this end-time harvest.

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