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Executive Advisor | Leadership Coach | Solutionist and Strategist!

3x Published Author, Dynamic Key-Note speaker, Government appointed Ambassador of Peace, Humanitarian, NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mr. Kardashian consults at the highest level of business excellence and human performance. He is the strategic advisor along side the leadership of over 6 Billion in corporate and non-profit revenues. From executives of fortune companies to international business leaders worldwide, Ron Kardashian's brand is overtaking the personal development field. Known for his solid and medically endorsed, "The 30 Second Solution" Has catapulted Ron to world wide influence among elite level thinkers, politicians, and leaders of industries around the globe. He is currently pursuing his Phd. in Behavior Psychology.

Across the globe, Coach Ron's integrated and introspective methodology has garnered amazing results, creating MASSIVE turnarounds and making him a powerful, compelling voice of change for people of all walks of life including, CEOs, professional athletes, and diplomatic leaders.

Although Ron’s career began as a Licensed NSCA strength & conditioning coach in the fitness industry, He soon discovered that physical strength alone was not the key to becoming a Pro or Olympic athlete; But, perspective and beliefs are! To truly help others gain a complete transformation, Ron developed the "Business Physiology"- A Coaching Consulting Firm for Elite level thinkers who wanted more out of their physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual performance.

Now with over 14,000 hours of total life, executive health and business coaching, his “in season” solutions are spanning 4 continents.

Not many biographies about one man can read: Executive Coach, Fitness Expert, Total Life Solutionist, Acclaimed Author, and Humanitarian. However in July of 2013, through Ron’s continuous efforts and passion to benefiting mankind by providing in season and on time solutions, Ron became a globally recognized humanitarian by being awarded the “Ambassador of Peace” to the Golden Rule Award.

He has been empowering top executives, diplomatic leaders, and professional athletes with the tools paramount for increased business and personal breakthroughs since the early 90’s, long before “Life Coaching” became mainstream.

Ron has been asked to play a lead roll in a major motion picture and is traveling globally as a keynote speaker and executive coach- passionately infusing people with the secrets, concepts and insights to doing big business and living an extraordinary life!


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